Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Round Two - Nursing School

Well, I did it. I passed my first semester of nursing school! As and Bs! There was a lot of studying, stress, crying, coffee, late nights and energy drinks. It was rough. For any of you thinking about going into nursing school- beware. Your heart has to be in it. You have to want it more than anything else, because it will consume you. It's high stress and a lot of work, very time consuming. But its been worth it for me. I love this feild. and Im lucky that I have such an amazing support system behind me. N cooks me dinner and helps me study. He's my rock.

Right now I have a week break. Then Im back at it for ten weeks.

So for this week Im reading for please, watching movies, sleeping late and going on lots of date.  Im also going to a wedding. (not mine- I would post about that first- duh!)

I now have Instagram. Follow me - veronicavkv

my study group girls. Where would I be with out them.

Late night snacks from N

The ducks that invade my school

Grilled cheese sandwhiches with Mel.

Crawfish season is the best season.

Untill next time!

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