Sunday, July 31, 2011

Add a Little: Photoshop

We are moving to a new house in 6 days.... tomorrow we are moving most of our stuff to storage. So this is technically my last night in my room. Im sad. We've been in this house for 3 years, and I've grown so much in these last 3 years.  I've become ME, and I love who I've become. and I guess Im a little scared that once we move Im going to lose who I am...
Moving in just emtional and sad and I dont want to do it... So, since I can't sleep I edited some pictures from my trip I took in May to Niagara Falls and roadtripped back through Tennesse back to Texas:

Stopped by Andy Warhol's grave in Pennsylvania
My Idol.

Niagara Falls at night from the US side. They light it up with colors, its so magical in person!

Home of the King!

Have a great weekend friends!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Seester Time

My little sister M, who is going away to school soon, got her a pretty little Mac with her grad money for school.  So naturally, instead of packing, we took pictures. Here are some of the best ones:

Also, I recently became obsessed with The Day Book Blog. I now want an amazing camera and to be married and preggers. Well, more than I wanted it before.

In due time my friends...
He's still gotta put a ring on it
and I still have to add some medical sounding intials behind my name.
preferably B.S.N. or R.N.

Now Im off to sleep to prepare for work tonight!
Sweet Dreams

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was my dad's birthday! He, my 2 sisters and I spent the day at the beach, and then had a small get together at our house for cake and ice cream. Im so lucky to live so close to the beach. I love going and its always so relaxing. The area we went to was kinda secluded, so me and my little sister were able to act like little kids and build sand castles.  We fished and my dad caught a shark! It was a really great day with my family.

What I wore: top: thrifted, shorts: F21

The view from the burger place we ate lunch

me and the birthday boy!!

bathing suit top and sunglasses: F21

The shark my dad caught!

me and my twin sister

what I wore: dress:F21, earrings: Jessica Simpson

Sadly the rest of today will be spent packing.... any tips on how to convince your parents to not move? :p

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

bLAKE Lively

Today was a great day at the beach celebrating my dads birthday. Pictures will come tomorrow! Until then here is a set on Miss Blake Lively, aka Miss Chanel herself. She has great style and is always taking risks. I wish I could wear some of the outfits she does, but sadly it is not always my style.
Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!
See you tomorrow!

bLAKE Lively

Christian Louboutin studded high heels, $1,095
Dolce Gabbana leather tote handbag, $1,725
Chanel bag, $3,040
Chanel shoulder handbag, $199
Chanel chain jewelry
Illamasqua Lipstick, $27

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today has been a wonderful day! I got to spend it with my wonderful little sister who is leaving for her freshman year of college soon. She's pretty much my best friend, so Im sad to see her leave. We started out the day at Target, where we bought some birthday gifts for our dad whose birthday is  tomorrow and I got some clothoes that I am questioning if I should return. If I decide to keep them I'll post picutres.
After Tar-jay we stopped by my boyfriends work. He is currently the manager of a thrift store. As amazing as that sounds, I actually dont find too many things there that I like. Although today I did find a few items:

beautiful handmade earrings for $1.50

blue printed scarf that I got for $1!! I have an awesome idea for it already!!

a lovely green/blue button down

We then stopped by Borders since they are having a going out of business sale! They claim everything is 40% off, but beware friends, most things are only 10%, magazine are the only thing that 40% off. I hate false advertisement. But, I did manage to find a few things that I got a good deal on:

BABUSHKA DOLL CUPS!!!! I have been wanting these forever!! If you look below you can tell Im kinda obsessed with them!! Last year for Christmas I got a handmade set from Russia!!

I love Emma Stone, shes hilarious and has great style. Do you remember the Golden Globes last year!!!

I love the Wizard of Oz. Its one of my favorite movies, and in high school I was in the musical of it. I got this for $4!! steal!

After a day full of shopping we relaxed at La Madeline for dinner. Love eating there.

Finally, here is my outfit I wore today! This is one of my favorite tops. Its super comfortable and it has my babushka dolls on it! BE YOURSELF!!!

F21 earrings, white tank, wedges
Old Navy olive pants and yellow tank

Untill next time my friends... I plan on enjoying my night off making cupcakes and watching Company Men with my sister! and tomorrow will hopefully be filled with the beach, margaritas and seafood!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Outfit of the Day

Over the weekend I finally had time to do my first outfit of the day!!Working at a hospital doesn't give me much time to wear normal people clothes, so I try to make the most of it when I get the chance. So here is the story: one of my bestest friends is leaving to go back to school and she and I had a goodbye extravaganza on Saturday night involving Captain America (best movie ever!!!), sushi and drinks at a pub. It was fabulous.

Hey Chris Evans Hey....

I chose to wear an amazing pair of floral print pants that I got about a year ago at a thrift store called Value Village. Its the coolest store. Most things cost under $5 and Im usually able to find on trend items there very easily.
Funny story about these pants: When I first saw them, I thought they were a skirt!! The legs are so flowy that they blended together! AND they were only .90 cents!! How cool is that!!

Here are the pants that I wore with an Old Navy tank and F21 belt, jewlery and wedges

Here is a semi-full body

da jewelry from F21

My bestie who is leaving me :(

My wonderfull boyfriend who met up with us at the pub with some other friends

I am in love with my pants. and Im always trying to think of new ways to wear them. Any ideas??

Like I mentioned before I went thrifting yesterday! I LOVE thrift stores!!! Im obsessed. and I got a TON of goodies to share with ya'll! and, lucky me there are very few alterations I will have to make! If you havent already, everyone should check out . This lovely lady decided that for a full year she would find a new outfit for a dollar. She went to thrift stores/garage sales and found pieces for $1 and sewed/tweaked it into something new and fabulous! Its amazing and inspiring!

Since finding her site a little over a year ago I have been much more adventerous with my thrifting and altering my pieces.
Here is a sneak peek at what is to come!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush is a huge inspiration to me. Not only does she have amazing style, but she is a huge philanthropist for the environment, animal rights, same-sex relationships, and human rights. Her hard work is inspiring to always do more and to do the best we can at making our world a better, happier, equal, and loving place. So, here is one of probably many sets dedicated to this lovely lady:
Sophia Bush

Balmain striped jacket, €21.500
Versace printed jacket, $3,395
Embellished jacket, $1,317
Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony cropped jacket, $375
Striped jacket, $395
Biba animal print jacket, £172
Neon Hart crochet vest, $100
18k jewelry, $1,500
JENNIFER ELIZABETH fringe necklace, €211
Erica Anenberg sparkle jewelry, $150
Beading necklace, $35
Crystal jewelry

P.S.!!!--- Very exciting stuff comming soon!!!! I went thrifting yesterday and got some amazing stuff that I cant wait to share with you!!! and my first Outfit of the Day is comming up!! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Floral Craze

I am totally into the floral trend right now. I dont care if everyone else is wearing it, its a great look for spring and summer. Very soon I hope to show you some of my thrifting finds involving floral, but untill then here are some pieces Im wishing were in my closet.

Lovey Dovey

Ive been feeling all lovey dovey and romantic lately thanks to my fantastic boyfriend. So here are some romaticly styled outfits. Perfect to add with shorts for a summertime date!

CALYPSO ST BARTH long top, $49
Miss Selfridge pink top, £25
Kookai crochet top, €19
T shirt, $9.99
Black top, $9.99
Necklace, $7.99
Miss Selfridge goldtone earrings, £5
Kenneth Jay Lane gunmetal jewelry, $190

No Time Like Beach Time

Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to the beach and these are some of the photos I took! Enjoy!


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