Friday, July 22, 2011

Late Nights/Early mornings...

Due to my work schedule (I work nights, 7 to 7, 12 hour shifts. 3 days a week) I have weird sleeping hours. Even though I long to sleep when its dark out, and to actually go out during daylight hours, it rarely happens. Usually my schedule is spread out through the week, and on my nights off, I usually cant sleep at night due to my body being use to the crazy schedule.  which leads to sleep all day the next day, and then either a) a repeat of the night before or b) I go to work and am still up all night. its a vicious cycle and I try very hard to break it. Take last night for example: they send me home from work because it was slow and I had OT, I get home at midnight, try to go to sleep around 3, and 430 Im still awake. So, I get up and try to pack up some colthes since we are moving in a few weeks. Now Im finally feeling tired at 6am. What?!? I will not allow myself to sleep all day. I have things to go, people to see and I really want to go thrifting!

Till later my friends,

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