Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Beginings

I finally started my blog! Im so excited. Ive given this so much thought so I hope it all goes well.
Im hoping to use this to allow myself to be more creative and express myself with my photography and fashion, as well as a place to get my thoughts out.
For the next few months as I get all of my nursing school applications in, I will have some down time on my hands since I am only taking a few classes this fall. (2 more to go and Ill have my Associates! WOOHOO! not a huge deal, but at least its something to hold me over untill I get into school) With this unexpected down time, in combination with my crazy sleep schedule due to working nights at the hospital, Im hoping that this blog will give the space to do something creative with my free time. The last few years have been extremely busy between school, work and family life and I need this time to get back to being me.

So with that,
I hope you enjoy whats to come!


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