Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This is..

This is a new braid I decided to try.
Inspired by the lovely Natalie

80s skirt that I got for a $1

Vietnamese Coffee House with sister

This AMAZING picture that boyfriend got me from work!!

Pants that I'm lusting over for fall....

Untill next time... I have a test tomorrow over 13 chapter of drugs...
Fun stuff you guys...


  1. LOVE the braid! I need to learn to do some cute thngs w/ my hair to! I always just wear it down or curled!

    I'm having a $75.00 gift certificate giveaway on my blog!

    Enter to win :)

    <3 Denise


  2. you are rockin' that braid girl! loving all of these little images!
    xo TJ


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