Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Add a Little: Pants

Hello chickadees.
I hope everyone is having a fantastic time back in school for those of us still in school.
I had a fabulous day in class. (NOT)
taking classes that I dont need so that I can get a degree I wont use. (fun right?)
Actually, when looking at my prerequisites for nursing, I saw that I only needed to take two extra classes so that I could get an associates in biology degree. Not that I will ever need to use it once I have my nursing degree, but I figured, why not. Its an accomplishment! and I dont have any other prereqs for nursing to take.
On that note, Please think good thoughts for me with nursing school. Im knee deep in applications and feeling pretty stressed and I really really want to get in. So keep me in your good thoughts.

Last Friday Night: (awesome song by Mrs Russel Brand aka Katy Perry- even if my boyfriend disagrees with me)
last week  I was feeling sad that my sister was gone, so my cousin D invited me and boyfriend over for some veggie fajitas! YUM! They are seriously the best. 

This is what I wore:

Pants & Shirt: F21, Necklace: from El Salvador

For a few months now I have been wanting colored pants really bad! Specifically red or a wine/burgandy. I had seen them on celebrities everywhere. I really wanted some. and I went waltzing in to F21 last week and BAM! there they were. It was a match made in heaven.

Also, just so you know, I did wear shoes.
and... this is a picture from my new room! so excited we are finally there! It was painted yesterday and now I finally get to unpack!!

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Add A Little: Sophia Bush and Happy Things

Hello my dears, I'm Back!
How have you been?
Austin was great to me. I loved it, I enjoyed it and I had to say bye to my baby sister. It was so sad, but also a great and memorable time! Unfortunately I dont have all of the pictures put together yet, but please bear with me. Instead, here are a few things that happened to me right before we left on our trip!

First: back in July I donated money to Sophia Bush's run for the Nature Conservacy in the San Fransico Marathon, and I got a signed t-shirt!! Im super excited about it. The only thing that sucks about it is that I ordered a Medium, thinking it was going to be fitted... and now its really big... but I can still make it awesome. I love it. As I've mentioned before, Sophia Bush is a HUGE idol of mine, so I feel so honored to have this.

Second, I went estate sale shopping for the first time ever. and let me say, its awesome, you need to do it. Its a weird experience, going through someone's stuff like that, but I liked it, and I got this really awesome hat!!!
You like???

Thirdly, I played the game of life last week with sister before she left. It was kinda awesome. I didnt win, but I had forgotten how awesome that game is. 

Fourthly- I dont know if you listen to the news, but it is freaking hot here in Texas. Look at the temperature in my car: 

Five-thly- hahaha- Monday was the day we left for Austin. Me and my sisters went to lunch at La Madeline. Our favorite.

I got the tiny Fruit Tarte. It was awesome.

And lastly- I saw the movie One Day tonight. It is so good. I cried the entire movie. Its very good. the cinematography is beautifull. Its funny. Its sad. Its a beautiful love story. Plus, as a cherry on top, Jim Sturgess is in it. see it.

One Day Movie

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Add a Little: Goodbye Party

Hellooooo my lovelies.
First off, thanks for all the comments and making me feel the love. I was doubting if I should continue my bloggy, so thanks for the cheer up.

So, as we already know, my little sister (who is also my bestest friend) is going to college in Austin. and she leaves tommorrow... this last week has been filled with lots of time together and goodbye eatings. Monday night we went out with our cousin D to celebrate. (This was also pink lipstick night, which you probably cant tell from the pictures)

This is what I wore:
Dress and purse: thrifted, Blazer: F21, Watch: Embassy, Shoes: Target

love me some red wine

Of course we took silly photos in front of the sign...

me and cousin D at a Greek resturant downtown 

they crazy some times 

Me and sister.

Im going to miss you Maddie!!!!!
Love you babes!

So my dearies, I will be gone for a few days while we road trip up to Austin and spend a few days moving her in and also spending time with my other best friend MrK who lives up there.
Have a great begining of the week! Especially if you have little ones who are headed back to school or are starting up school yourself!!

Goodbye Summerrrrr. You'll be missed.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Add a Little: Hot Pink

So. i did it.
I broke down and finally bought some hot pink lip stick. I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I've seen tons of celebs sporting it, including my current obssesion: Emma Stone

...ummm hello, she looks fabulous...

So, I finally bought some the other day.

Unfortunately, mine ended up looking kinda Barbie-ish and shiny... I was looking more for a matte look, which is what the tube looked like. Oh well, I still love it.

What do you think???

This is what I wore on Monday:
(sorry for the crap phone photos, this was before I found the camera charger)

top: thrifted, skirt: target, shoes and sunglasses: F21, watch: Embassy

As you've probably noticed, I've been wearing this demin skirt a lot.
First, I dont wear skirts that often, and usually when i do, its not this one.
but, somehow during the move, I lost all 3 pairs of my denim shorts...
Where did they go? I have no idea, I just hope they pop up while unpacking...
And in case you dont watch the news, it has been in the 100s for a straight 18 days here in Texas, so its way WAY too hot to wear pants. So this demin skirt is my replacement for my denim shorts. sorry. Trust me, I cannot wait for it to be fall!!!! Im so excited!! and I just cant hide it. Sadly, it wount get to cold down here, but at least it will be better than this! and I will be able to wear pants again.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Add a Little: Thrifting

Over the weekend I went back to my beloved Value Village, because I had a *wait for it*.....
Thats right.
It was pretty awesome.
but a million other people also thought it was awesome, and the store was super crowded.
I ended up getting tons of stuff I wouldnt normally have the cajones to buy, knowing I was getting it for a dollar in most cases. I cant wait to show off all of my goodies.
I did go a little over board... I bought 4 blazers... but I really love blazers...
I also bought this dress:
(WARNING!! before you look at this picture remember that we are in the middle of moving!! as in INBETWEEN houses. So all of my stuff PLUS all of my sisters stuff is crammed in this room. There for, the room looks horrific.)

But, here is my dress, Its a dark olive color if you look closely you can see the paneling on it, and there is a very light snake skin pattern on it.

But, the big question is, what do you think I should do with it? Should I get it taken in to me more fitted? Shortened?? Both?

I need your opinions please!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Add a Little: New Watch

Here is what I wore on Sunday:

Top: vintage, Pants: Target, Shoes: Steve Madden, Sunglasses and Earring: F21

Here is my new watch:

I got it at Steinmart. The brand is Embassy.
I love it and I've been wearing it everyday.

This picture was taken in front of our new house!! We have an adorable porch. Im pretty excited about the house, but it seems like its going to take forever for things to come together on it. School starts in a week and a half, so hopefully things wont be too hectic then.

Good News: I found my camera charger! So better quality pictures should be up soon! Im very excited.
Bad News: One of the pictures from this group is missing, so hopefully I will find it and have it up soon.

Tonight I am relaxing at my boyfriends house. We ate Sprinkles cupcakes that I picked up yesterday. Those things are seriously the best.

Dont you agree?

Add a Little: Date Night

On Saturday the boyfriend and I went to Steinmart to look for watches. (Luckily I have an amazing boyfriend who will go shopping with me )  I've reallllllllllyyyy wanted one lately and Steinmart usually has some for cheap. I have watches for work, but they are plastic and boring and I feel kinda gross wearing them outside work. plus I wanted an oversized man watch. And luckily that was exactly what I found!! I'll post pictures of it tomorrow!
After Steinmart we hit up Mooyah burger for the best food EVER. Im going to be bold and say that they have the best veggie burgers ever. and fries.  I hope that they have one near you. and if there is, you must go.


I really wanted boyfriend to get these sunglasses. I think he looks super rockstar sexy in them, but he disagreessss, so I just have this photo to look at. Maybe I can ge tthem for him for Christmas, and then when his break he can wear them??? Maybe???

I hope everyone is having a great start to their week!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Add a Little: Friday Night

"its friday, friday, gotta get down on friday"

What I wore: top: thrifted, skirt: Target

On Friday night I was put on-call at the hospital. Sadly, its not as exciting as it is on Grey's Anatomy.  I dont get cool pagers or anything like that and I dont get to run dramatically through the hospital when Im called. For me, being on call just means that there are not many patients on the unit and they dont want to be over staffed, so I stay home and make $2.50 an hour waiting around for them to call me.
So, since I had this unexpected time off, my stepdad decided we would have a girls night and he took my little brother out while me, my younger sister, my baby sister and my mom stayed home and baked cookies. It was a really great night even if it didnt last long. Thrity minutes later I got called into work...

taken by a 4 year old

Baking cookies

 she knew I was taking pictures so she started posing

What did you do this weekend??

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Add a Little: Parks and Rec

My twin sister just came back from New York, and brought me back the coolest souviner, a water bottle from my favorite tv show: Parks and Recreation

I think that this show is genius!! I can't wait for the new season to start!!

I ended up sleeping most of the day since I work tonight, but luckily I was able to go eat with my little sister at our favorite resturant, La Madeline!! I love their ceasar salad and the bread with jam!! its the perfect meal.

Here is what I wore:
top: Target, skirt: AE, shoes: Steve Madden, bag: thrifted

Its not the best outfit ever, but I just threw it on after the shower and ran out the door.


Add a Little: Rainforest

Hey peeps, sorry its been awhile. I've been busy with the move, and celebrating my anniversary with the boyfriend and working overtime...
Also, I can't find my camera charger... so I cant post any outfit pictures or anniversary pictures.
Hopefully I'll get a new charger tomorrow and I'll have new pictures up tomorrow,
Unitll then I have a few pictures that are a little out of order. On Sunday me and boyfriend went to Moody Gardens in Galveston and went to the Rainforest Pyramid there. It was SO COOL! I loved it.
under the waterfall of mist!

to be fair I didnt take this one, and I butterfly didnt land on me, it was on boyfriend. I was sad none of the butterflies liked me

I spy a sloth...

What I wore: top: Target, shorts: Forever 21, belt: thrifted, earrings: Jessica Simpson

Luckily I was cancelled from work tonight, so I was able to relax and spend time with my family and my sister came home from her trip to New York! It was very exciting. I also bought some magazines that I'd been long awaiting!
The September Issues baby!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Best Friend

This is what my awesome best friend made me:

I adore Andy Warhol, and this totally reminds me of it.
I have a pretty amazing best friend
Thanks babe!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Add a Little: Moving and Secret Suprises

Moving sucks.
I know I promised a new Outfit Of The Day post, but things have been so hecktic (is that a real word??) lately that I have not had the time to get the pictures from the camera to the computer. In fact I havent even been on the computer for several day now! Im typing this at work! (Shhh dont tell). I've also been working overtime at the hospital, so between work, sleep and packing and cleaning things have been very very busy. But we have to be out of our house by Saturday, so hopefully the maddness will be over then!!
So yesterday was my lovely anniversary with my amazing boyfriend! and I didnt get to see him at all!! He works during the day and I work nights, so we completely missed each other! I had planned on surprising him at work, but that never worked out because I was so sleepy when I got off work. Luckily, we had already planned a full weekend celebration!! :)  We did celebrate a little early on Monday and he went to see Stupid, Crazy Love with me. Great movie!!! It was one of the best movies I had seen in a long time like that. It had a special warmth to it and its days later and Im still thinking about it.

hey Ryan Gosling.... liking the V-Neck

Secret Surprise Time:

Today I had a meeting at work and was held here later than normal, so it gave me the perfect amount of time to stop by my boyfriends work to surprise him with his favorite cookies! Golden Oreos! He had sounded kinda sad on the phone, so I figured he needed some cheering up. So I was the first customer in the store and made him smile! :) totally worth the sleep deprivation :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Add a Little: Anniversary

Tommorrow is my third anniversary with my boyfriend!! It seems like so much longer than 3 years!!! We have spent the last 3 years going to school in different states, so we only saw each other on holiday breaks and the ocassional visit. But! he graduated in May so now he is home with me!!! Im so excited about spending so much more time together and him being 20 minutes away instead of several states away. So, that makes this anniversary the most special one so far. Because its the start of our lives being together, like normal couples get to! It may sound lame, but its so exciting for me. I dont have to go months without seeing him! Just a few days. Its very very exciting. So, in honor of our anniversary tomorrow, here are some pictures of us over the last 3 years (in no particular order)

and, becaues I know He reads my blog:

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY!! I love you so much, your my best friend and  your amazing! No if ands or buts!

to everyone else, sorry for the sap, I only get to do it once a year. I'll have another outfit post for ya tomorrow!

May 2011 at my little sisters graduation from high school

December 2009 at the Festivel of Lights

April 2010 strawberry picking

December 2010 at my 21st birthday party

December 2010 at the zoo

New Years Eve 2010

December 2008

December 2009

March 2011 at a museum in Pittsburgh

April 2011 - He was wearing a suit, so I decided to match and wear a pink blazer

April 2011- an overexposed photo- on a rooftop in West Virginia

April 2011 at a zoo in Pittsburgh- this is where the polar bear was SUPPOSE to be, but we didnt see it :(

April 2011

October 2009

October 2009 in WV

October 2009 in WV

December 2009

August 3, 2010 Our Second Anniversary

August 2010

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