Saturday, August 27, 2011

Add A Little: Sophia Bush and Happy Things

Hello my dears, I'm Back!
How have you been?
Austin was great to me. I loved it, I enjoyed it and I had to say bye to my baby sister. It was so sad, but also a great and memorable time! Unfortunately I dont have all of the pictures put together yet, but please bear with me. Instead, here are a few things that happened to me right before we left on our trip!

First: back in July I donated money to Sophia Bush's run for the Nature Conservacy in the San Fransico Marathon, and I got a signed t-shirt!! Im super excited about it. The only thing that sucks about it is that I ordered a Medium, thinking it was going to be fitted... and now its really big... but I can still make it awesome. I love it. As I've mentioned before, Sophia Bush is a HUGE idol of mine, so I feel so honored to have this.

Second, I went estate sale shopping for the first time ever. and let me say, its awesome, you need to do it. Its a weird experience, going through someone's stuff like that, but I liked it, and I got this really awesome hat!!!
You like???

Thirdly, I played the game of life last week with sister before she left. It was kinda awesome. I didnt win, but I had forgotten how awesome that game is. 

Fourthly- I dont know if you listen to the news, but it is freaking hot here in Texas. Look at the temperature in my car: 

Five-thly- hahaha- Monday was the day we left for Austin. Me and my sisters went to lunch at La Madeline. Our favorite.

I got the tiny Fruit Tarte. It was awesome.

And lastly- I saw the movie One Day tonight. It is so good. I cried the entire movie. Its very good. the cinematography is beautifull. Its funny. Its sad. Its a beautiful love story. Plus, as a cherry on top, Jim Sturgess is in it. see it.

One Day Movie

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