Saturday, November 19, 2011


This weekend has been spent doing the following:
1. Watching Breaking Dawn, which I thought was good, but not what I was expecting.
2. An Engagement party for Boyfriends brother.
3. Freebirds- the better Chipolte
4. Watching Bad Teacher- HORRIBLE MOVIE
5. Cuddling
6. Naps
7. Making a Veggie Pizza!! = fantastic (blog post on it soon!)
8. Spanish Homework
9. Paper for Tech Writing that is due on Monday
10. I went to F21 yesterday to buy a belt and attempt to buy a Christmas present - I had to leave the store. I was so depressed. I love clothes. and with NURSING SCHOOL starting in January, its best that I dont buy anything for a long time to help with expenses. Plus, its not like Im going to have the time to dress up super cute everyday. Its good and bad. Fashion is my hobby. and Im pretty much going to have to give it up for the 18 months Im in school. But its good because becoming a nurse is my dream (along with marrying Boyfriend and babies). Its just a tough situation.

How is your weekend going? 
thank you for all of the lovely comments. Im definately feeling better now.

I wore this outfit last week when I went out with some friends for drinks. 
The top was $3 thrifted and the pants were $10 from F21! yaa for cheap outfits!

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  1. I realllly like this floral print! And I loved Breaking Dawn!

  2. love the floral print top !!

    have a great weekend :)

    The Endless Wishlist

  3. i LOVE cheap outfits and i love yours!!

    x jamie

  4. awesome printed top! i love the colors :)



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