Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011

 Hello my lovlies. This week has been a bit crazy with work. and unfortunately its wear I will be spending my New Years.  What a crazy year 2011 has been! For one, this little bloggy has been wonderful! Its given me an amazing outlet for my creativity and a place for me to grow. I've LOVED getting to know all of you and explore the blogging community. Its been so wonderful to me!

2011 was the year that:
1. My long distance relationship turned into a live-5-minutes-down-the-street-relationship
2. I saw the Canadian border
3. Drove aross 7 states in two days
4. Saw Niagara Falls
5. Saw Boyfriend graduate
7. Got a new car (pictures to come!)
8. learned Spanish
9. Visited Graceland
10. Went to the Andy Warhol's grave

Its been an AMAZING year and I cannot wait to see where 2012 takes me and where it will take this little blog. I hope that you will continue to visit, even though my posts may not come as often, and see where nursing school takes me!


Hello 2012!!!

2012 Resolutions:
1. Keep things clean and organized
2. Drink less Diet Coke
3. Exercise 3 times a week
4. Make all As in my nursing classes

What are your resolutions?

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