Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A little update from this side of the web.. Including a little Darren Criss

I have three weeks left of nursing school!
This has been an insane year and a half! 
I cant believe I am almost done!
This girl is more than ready to be done with school!

In happy news:
Last night Noah (Mr Fiance) got me an early graduation present and took me to Darren Criss' Houston concert!! For those of you who didnt know, Im an insanely huge Glee fan. Waaayyy more than I should be. But I am loud and proud, I LOVE GLEEEEEEE!!

Darren gave an AMAZING show. He has such an incredible energy on stage. I am so lucky I got to go. He primarily did new music and a few older solo songs, and some music from StarKid. For an encore performance he sang the acoustic version of Teenage Dream from Glee, which is my favorite song ever. I died. 
Sidenote- Noah and I were probably some of the oldest people there by a few years. Lots of high school kids. It was great.

After the show we decided to hang out by the tour bus to see if we could catch a glimpse of Mr Criss. That turned into two hours... BUT WE SAW HIM! Darren was the sweetest guy and said hi to everyone who was waiting!

We werent allowed to take a picture with him, since he was just signing stuff, but I tried to grab some of him walking by. If you look close you can see half of my face in this picture:

This is him telling me HI!
So, funny story, I got super nervous and didnt know what to say, so I blurted out "Your amazing and I love you" then I realized Noah was standing beside me and added "but I love this guy more since we are enaged" and Darren said "WOW Congratulations that amazing whens the big day?" (In my head Im thinking why the hell did I just say that to the celebrity that I have the BIGGEST crush on!!) and Darren stood and talked with us for a few minutes and shook Noah's hand. It was pretty magical!

I have three weeks of school left you guys! Stick around, you are about to start seeing a lot more of me!

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