Friday, March 9, 2012

Juice Land

As we all know, i went on a road trip to Austin, Tx a few weeks back, and I had to make the mandatory pit stop at my favorite place ever. JuiceLand. Its a juice/smoothie shop made with all natural products. no added sugars or sherbet like with Jamba Juice. They put all sorts of interesting things in it like Phyloplankton and hemp seed and coconut water and oils. Some would argue that some flavors are an aquired taste, but I LOVE them. They give me tons of energy and make me feel like a super hero!
Sadly, I dont know of any places like this in Houston, and once I get more time on my hands, Im totally going to hunt it down. Untill then Ill be dreaming of my next visit.

PS. I made Noah drive  the whoooolllleee way to Austin, (its only a 3 hour drive) and apparently he wasnt too happy about it

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  1. JuiceLand a national chain???!!! it sounds amazing. please come check out our new online jewelry shop where everything is under $20! Too Much xx :)


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