Monday, November 5, 2012


After three years of long distance and one poorly planned Halloween, Boyfriend and I were finally able to do a couples costume for Halloween! So, we decided on the best duo of all: the old man and the little asian kid from UP! I think Boyfriend totally pulls off the old man look. He spent hours making that cardboard house look just like the one from the movie, only to find out  that the US has a shortage of helium right now and you cant buy helium balloons :(  all in all we still had a great Halloween night taking my brother and sister trick or treating.

My two sisters and I, Katy Perry and Ms. Harry Potter.

Of course the two main stars of the night, E and M. E was suppose to be a hot dog, but said it was too itchy, so for trick or treating he was Super man. M was Katy Perry, that girl is obssessed with her! My mom made her a light up dress and everything. She looked awesome!

 Here are the pumpkins Boyfriend and I made a few weeks back. i did the owl, he did the wolf.


I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and ate lots of candy!!
Now starts my favorite season, the march to Thanksgiving!! Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday! I love the food and getting to spend time with family and the excitement for Christmas is just begining. Oh I cant wait!!


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  1. so well done! you both look really great. bummer about the balloons.
    Chic on the Cheap


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