Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Polka Dots

Today I only have time for a quick post. Between papers to write, picking up overtime at the hospital,  sleeping, and redoing my closet,  I've been one busy chica.
And yes, you read that right. We are redoing my closet!!
When we moved in here in August, there were old fashioned "hooks" to hang clothes on and shelves underneath that, so that there was no room to hang anything up. So my daddy and my boyfriend took out everything! The selves, the hangers, and completely redid it. I must admit, its turning into my dream closet!! I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as it is finished!

I bought this lovely top on Friday at Value Village  while me and my twiny were looking for Halloween stuff. I cant wait to pair this top with a pencil skirt and tights when it cools down. Im very excited. But on Saturday I wore this to dinner with my boyfriend because I was feeling lazy.
Also note my awesome tassel necklace that I also got while thrifting. I've been wanting a tassel necklace forever! So excited.

Tonight me and boyfriend are going to go exercise at the park. And he doesnt know it yet, but I'm on a hunt for pumpkin ice cream!!!!


  1. LOVE polka dots! i just talked about it on my blog. i have something really similar! Great post girl!

  2. Love the top, the oversized look is so great. Thrifted items are seriously the best I think. :)


  3. Love your necklace, and hooray for the closet redo - I need one of those!

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. I love your top, polka dots are my favorite print! And your necklace is awesome :)


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