Saturday, October 8, 2011


These pictures are old. From August when me and boyfriend celebrated our 3 year anniversary. I never got a chance to post them. And lately I've been feeling so lovely dovey I figured it was a pretty good time to.

This is me:

This is botfriend:
(BTW- someone told boyfriend last night that he reminded them of Ryan Gosling. I already think that, but the fact that someone else thought that made me giggle. I have a hot boyfriend)

Us at our dirty table!

For dessert we ordered "a dessert cheese burger" - everything was made out of sweets!! the bun was a orange soaked cupcake! the 'meat and lettuce'  was made out of chocolate! and the fries were mango with a rasberry dipping sauce! It was so good and cute. I loved it.

What I wore:
Dress: Target
Shoes: Target
Ring: F21

love him.

This is my present I got!!!
a vintage ring from boyfriends thrift store!! it even opens up and has a little compartment inside!!


  1. That is such a pretty ring! You guys make the most adorable couple :) x

  2. tahnks so much for you sweet comment on my blog!!! im obsessed with this ring it is so great :)))

  3. Adorable! And that dessert burger looks SO yummy!

  4. Awww congrats on three years & the ring is really pretty!

  5. i JUST had my 3 year anniversary too!! Congrats girl! its a long road but so worth it! your outfit looks awesome too! i love that you did like a chic braid soo cute! thanks for your sweet comments on my blog you are the best!

    following now :)
    keep in touch!!!!
    kait :)


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