Friday, October 14, 2011

I need YOUR help

Ok, so. I got this dress. I love it its adorable and a bit artsy looking. But problem is I bought it in May, wore it once, and havent been able to wear it again. But, problem it, now its getting a bit chilly outside, and I dont know how to make it fall apropraite. Should I layer? Add tights?
Im at a loss.

Any Suggestions on how to make this dress Fall appropriate??

Ps. - these pictures are from a baby shower, hence the necklace.


  1. Wear it as a skirt instead and add a cozy white sweater over top! Add tights also if you want! Happy weekend!
    Style in the City

  2. nice dress! carrie gave u a cool advice!!

    as a skirt will be cool!! chunky knit sweater - tan, pink, orange - whatever colour u have!

    or maybe with brown skinni belt (knotted) and blazer, add black sheet tights and ankle boots maybe ))


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