Monday, August 20, 2012

Looking Glass

Ya'll, Im sad.
I was looking back at my blog over the last year, since we did have our ONE year anniversary a few weeks back. And I miss it. I miss being able to blog everyday. I miss being able to dress up and have boyfriend take pictures. Its just not the same. I know nursing school is my priority right now, and I wouldnt trade that for the world. I just miss it.
But I hope that ya'll will enjoy the more "life style" approach I've been taking lately, and that you dont mind my phone photos too much.
I am what I am.

Also, I've gained some weight. It sucks. Sure, ten or fifteen pounds isnt too much, and I know I still look okay. But I dont feel like me. My clothes dont fit. I just feel gross. Because of school I dont exercise anymore and Im sure I've consumed my fair share of sugar during late night study sessions. My main priority will always be school and becoming a great nurse. But, hopefully this semester I will be able to change my diet and add a few work outs in there.

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