Friday, August 24, 2012

Sad Face

Today I am sad.
I feel blaaahhhhhhhhh.

My baby sister left for Austin again.
I've been working quite a bit. Its good money. but when all you do is work and sleep, it gets old. I LOVE my job and the people here, but I am in a weird in-between-phase. Im a PCA, but Im going to nursing school, but I'm not a nurse yet, so I dont really fit in with either group.
I miss my friends. I have 3 best friends, my family, and a LOT of 'friends' or acquaintances. Im busy, my friends are busy, my family is busy, and I dont always feel up to inviting my acquaintances to hang out. I know that my focus is suppose to be school right now, and it is. But it is easy to get caught up seeing other people off enjoying life while I am stuck giving 1000% to school.
Thankfully I still have my boyfriend.
He really is the best.

I guess what I am saying is that I absolutely cannot wait to be done with school, to be married, to have a normal life! I am ready!

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