Monday, December 3, 2012

Color Run

A few weeks ago, me and boyfrien did the Color Run in Houston!
Let me tell you, this is the funnest 5k there is!! They arent lying when they say that! Everyone is there to have fun, which is nice, because right now I dont think I could run 5k to save my life. Im more of a walk/run/walk person. How the Color Run works, is every Kilometer, they throw a different color powder at you. At the end of the run you end up looking like a colored mess.

Houston skyline


I made it to the end!!

At the end of the run there is a dance party. They give you a color packet, and every 5 minutes, they have a giant color throw. It got so dark from the color that I literally couldnt see in front of me! it was insane!

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