Sunday, February 12, 2012

All that Sparkles

(This handsome fella is one of my best friends Kyle.)

My step dad recently had his "band" play in a local bar. My friends, family and out of town relatives came to watch him play.

I decided to wear a sparkly vest.
Funny story. 
It was dark in the bar we were at. 
Everyone thought I was JUST wearing a sparkly vest. 
Because the shirt I was wearing is blush. and looked skin color.
did I mention my family was there??

Cousin D, Sister M and ME

What I wore:
Top: F21
Vest: F21

What Kyle wore:
Banana Republic sweater
(he got it for like 75% off
way to go!!)


  1. Your sequin vest is so pretty :)

  2. Ah, but I love the sparkly vest! It's very cute and a great piece for a night out. That blush/nude colour is very flattering on you too...don't worry, I can tell you've got a shirt on :)

    <3 Cambria

  3. love your lipstick color!


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