Saturday, February 25, 2012


elephant nursery

baby shower cake
First birthday cake!


elephant clock (LOVE the hedgehog and hippo, too)

Im not sure if you knew this, but Im kind of obssessed with elephants.
So much so that I plan to decorate my unborn (im not pregnant- PROMISE!) child's nursery completely with elephants, no matter if its a boy or a girl. So much so that I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to this favorite animal of mine. Here are some of my top picks that I've found.

daiwabo elephant walk fabric.
elephant wallpaper!!!
Elephant Rocker
An Elephant Rocker!!!

We all know for sure that when the time comes, my babys nursery will be a hot mess of elephants, in the best way of course.

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See you there!


  1. How cute is that elephant b'day cake??? Thanks for a sweet comment, doll!

  2. I adore the elephant clock, that is so cute!

  3. That bday cake is ADORABLE!

    <3 Cambria


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