Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting To Know You:

What Im Wearing:
Top: Targer
Shorts: F21
Necklace & Sunglasses: F21

Thirteen Things About ME:
(because I couldnt decide on ten)

1. I just got accepted into nursing school
2. I work at a hospital as a nurses aide, on the night shift - very fun.
3. I have a twin sister, a younger sister, and a younger brother and sister who are 4 years old and twins. making a total of 3 sisters and 1 brother. Living with two 4 year olds is so much fun.
4. My boyfriend and I went through 3 years of long distance while he was in college. He is now graduated, and living 5 minutes down the street from me. :)
5. I live at home. I rotate between my (divorced) parents houses.
6. I love vintage things. I love resale shopping, more than anyone should.
7. I adore Andy Warhol. I have been to his museum twice and his grave.
8. I think I was born in the wrong era. I should have lived in the 60s and 70s.
9. I love elephants. They are the cutest animals ever. I love going to zoos. I love anything with an elephant on it.- jewelry, clothes, figurines. you name, I want it.
10. I absolutely cannot wait to get married and have kids.
11. I am Catholic.
12. I am a vegetarian- who sometimes eats seafood. - I know. technically that is a pescitarian, but I dont like that word. If your interested in giving up meat you should really watch Food Inc., and read Alicia Silverstones cookbook: The Kind Diet.
13. I love being ecofriendly and try to be as organic, natural and kind to the environment as I can. - I post lots of stuff on Twitter about various things going on with the environment/animal rights- you should follow me! @VeronicaaaV

And this would be my little brother


  1. Hi there, thank you so much for the follow. I really like the colour of your top by the way, and congrats on getting into nursing school :)
    Following back <3
    P.S Your brother is adorable!

  2. lovely photo and great outfit!! your little brother is a cutie <3

  3. You have some really interesting facts. Congrat's on getting into school. I wish you all the best! Elephants are very cute and I would hate to have a twin sister -_- only cause I'd hate to have to share my room and face haha.

    Fashion Nostalgia


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