Friday, September 16, 2011


Im not sure if you knew this, but the Missoni for Target line came out on Tuesday, and fashionistas across the countries stormed the stores to get it. I was one of them. Okay, correction, I did not storm the store. I stopped by midday to check it out, but there were grown women running through the store with shopping carts looking for it. It was a sight to see. I giggled a lot.

Here is a sneak peak at my cart:
I ended up getting several things, most of which I ended up having buyers remorse and Im going to return it. But I decided to have my go at the Ebay world and try and sell the shoes I got there before returning them.  So it you are interested in the suede pumps in the picture about (under that fabulous coffee cup) let me know and I will send you the link!

This is what I wore on Tuesday when I stormed Target:

What I wore:
Top: F21
Undershirt: F21
Pants: F21
Shoes: Target
Earrings: homemade from Etsy  (it came as a free gift with purchase!)

The back of the shirt had gold buttons all the way down, which is the best part in my opinion, but sadly, my mom is no good at taking pictures.

This is the adorable detailing on the front. unfortuanately the bows never stay where I put them.

The one of the only benefits of working nights is getting to see the sunrise when I leave! :

I hope everyone has a great Friday!!!


  1. I'm surprised that you managed to get anything - nice work!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. cool stuff ;D

  3. Lovely misoni stuff :)

  4. your top is soo pretty! :)

  5. thanks for the lovely comment dear! :) Your shirt is adorable! and hope you manage to sell those pumps!


  6. Those pumps look so pretty. I'm going to have to stop by Target sometime after this week...last week of school :) Love the little bows on your blouse. Cute blog, I'm following. Hope you can stop by mine soon :)



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