Thursday, September 29, 2011


This is what I wish I had the money to buy. Unfortunately I dont...
And while I want to pretend/lie and say that I was able to hold true to my no shopping for a month, I failed....
It sucks. I was at the mall yesterday with my sister, and bought something...
I know I should be put in blogger jail.
But I got 4 basic Ts. Well technically 1 long sleeve, 1 T and 2 tanks. All in a simialr mustard/camel color scheme. I didnt spent much. It was at F21. and I think it was one of the best desicions I ever made. I can add these shirts to almost everything I already own, and it really up dates the look. So Im not sorry. At least I lasted 3 weeks!
Here are some looks that I wish I could be wearing this fall... If only I had a never ending budget.
Camel, Mustard, Burnt Orange and Wine are HUGE looks this fall and I cannot get enough of them. They are A.MAZ.ING.


  1. Amazing fall stable pieces! :)

    Also, I have a giveaway on my blog. :) Come check it out! xx

  2. I always have a ton of wishlist items :)

  3. these outfits are sssooo luxe! I adore all the styling together. perfection!



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