Saturday, September 10, 2011

What I Wish

Yesterday I decided to do something bold. I decided that I have lots of pretty clothes, and not enough time to wear them. I also came to the same realization that I do every two weeks: Im broke. So to kill to birds with one stone (METAPHOR! I would NEVER do that! comeon people!) I have decided that  I am not going to go shopping for a month. So boys and girls, that means that untill October 9th, (since I decided this yesterday) I will not buy ANYTHING - clarification- no clothes (new or used or online) no jewelry, no shoes, no purses. I am also going to try my hardest to not wear anything twice (except pants/shorts, because I dont have many of those). So I hope that you enjoy this little journey that I am taking. (PS- I totally plan on possibly buying something at Target on Tuesday- which Im not counting in my not buying rule. Its only for a limited time and Missoni. Missoni gets to break the rules.)
Also - Its September. In case you live under a rock. And in most places that means that the temperatures drop. I live in Texas. Its hot. Its still in the upper 90s.... It wont cool off here untill the  end of October maybe November. While would be awesome, except that I love cool weather! (NOT snowy icey weather) but cool, wear a sweater weather. And unfortunately we barely get that here. So untill then, here is what Im wishing I was able to wear 24/7. (This is also what I wish I could go buy! but because of the afor mentioned paragraph I cannot). Something comfy and easy, cuddled up on a couch reading a book and drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte (Clarification: with pants on, and maybe boots. not in the fashion of Missus Emma Watson). Instead, Im still stuck with Iceed Coffees. Its still too dang hot for hot drinks. And that means that while most of you will post pictures of your adorable fall outfits, I will still be in summer gear, untill the temperatures cool down.

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  1. I love your sets! I have just came across to your blog and..I love your unique way of creating all the posts and your special writing! Not to mention the name of your blog! I'm definetely a follower now, and I was hoping we can keep in touch , because fashionable girls should stick toghether. I'm a blogger myself, so it's not hard at all finding me around all the fashionistas communities and my blog's facebook page.
    Hugs , kisses and good luck with blogging!!!
    Mary from


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